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Disinfection Cleaning Service

Be secure in the knowledge that all of our key staff have completed the Australian Government, Department of Health—Infection Control Training – COVID19 



Grid Group uses cleaning products that are both hospital grade and food grade disinfectants. They also kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. We employ high temperature  >170 C dry steam cleaners. The Centre for Disease Control recommend a minimum of 60C  to kill the Covid-19 virus. The dry steam also allows surfaces to be ready for use immediately—making it ideal for emergency vehiclespassenger fleets and aged care and essential services disinfection cleans.

Our experience of over 25 years of cleaning and running teams and establishing the correct methodology for service allows us to deliver across multiple sites. Key staff have all done the Covid19 Infection Control Training and can ensure the correct disinfection cleaning protocols are maintained.  We also equip all staff have the correct PPE (goggles, mask and disposable clothing). 

All common areas need to be disinfected at least daily and these include:
• Offices, door handles, light switches, taps and washrooms, printers,;
• Reception Areas and all chairs;
• All flooring;
• Vehicle fleets after each use;
• Truck Fleets after a shift;
• Motor Homes on return.

Regular disinfection services should form part of every business action plan. This is not only to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses throughout your organisation but also minimising the spread into the greater community. 

Experienced in over 500,000 fleet vehicles cleaned annually.
Disinfection Cleaning Services in light of the COVID-19 virus.
A detailed onsite clean of trucks and heavy equipment when it suits.
Licensed to monitor visitors and report on any irregularities.
A personalised, knowledgeable and trusted greeting service.
Professional commercial clean, personalised to your building.
Prevent slip hazards while adding longer life to flooring
25 years commercial knowhow rejuvenating natural stonework.


Commits OUR PEOPLE to A quality practice day-in, day-out.
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