Natural Stonework

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Rejuvenating Stonework

25 years commercial knowhow rejuvenating natural stonework.

Rejuvenate tired looking walls or foyers. Improve the aesthetics of your building. Protect your building assets. Ideal for hotels, foyers, theatres commercial buildings, or shopping centres, where natural stonework has been used in walls or as a feature.

This is a specialised service. Not everyone can do this because of the required know how, equipment and chemicals involved. We have been developing our understanding of processes and the right equipment for the past 25 years.

As a result we can rejuvenate all types of natural stonework, including marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, ceramic and concrete features and walls.

All processes are done after hours as this is wet work. We use an applicator to apply the chemicals to the walls and rotary hand machines to complete the process of scrubbing and polishing.

The end result is client satisfaction and our success rate.

Experienced in over 500,000 fleet vehicles cleaned annually.
Disinfection Cleaning Services in light of the COVID-19 virus.
A detailed onsite clean of trucks and heavy equipment when it suits.
Licensed to monitor visitors and report on any irregularities.
A personalised, knowledgeable and trusted greeting service.
Professional commercial clean, personalised to your building.
Prevent slip hazards while adding longer life to flooring
25 years commercial knowhow rejuvenating natural stonework.

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