Our People


OUR People

We aim to deliver a personalised, knowledgeable and trusted service to our clients. Our winning formula in that delivery is that we retain our people. 

Our staff turnover rate is unusually low for our industry. We pay our staff a little more and they are well trained. We have developed a culture of trust and respect that translates to the way we treat our clients and the public.

What a low turnover of staff means for our clients is that the service we offer becomes very personalised. Without the constantly changing staff clients get the service…just the way they like it, all the time.

We choose to hire people with a bit of personality. It is important to us to break the us-and-them mentality between outside and internal staff. From our perspective we are all looking out for the same client interests and we create relationships with that purpose in mind.

It is also important that our staff take ownership of the physical building and vehicle assets. We encourage our staff to check in with our clients on how things are going and change what needs changing or doing.

We want the service we provide to our clients, whether cleaning, security or concierge services to be personalised so that they receive support service they need.

All cleaning staff are trained internally to certificate standard with the appropriate equipment, chemicals, safe practices and hazard detection. Security staff are all licensed. Every employee must undergo a police checked prior to employment.

Experienced in over 500,000 fleet vehicles cleaned annually.
Licensed to monitor visitors and report on any irregularities.
A personalised, knowledgeable and trusted greeting service.
Our winning formula is that we retain our people.
Professional commercial clean, personalised to your building.
Prevent slip hazards while adding longer life to flooring
25 years commercial knowhow rejuvenating natural stonework.
Ensure a faster handover and professional finish to works.


Commits OUR PEOPLE to A quality practice day-in, day-out.
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