Disinfecting Passenger Fleets Service

Disinfecting Passenger Fleets Service

GRID Group has begun its disinfecting passenger fleets service, this month. The service caters for taxis, trucks and Uber type groups. The aim of this mobile service is to assist fleet companies maintain their vigilance against Covid-19 virus from spreading to drivers or passengers.

The vehicle disinfection service only takes around ten minutes in a fleet environment, a little longer for trucks. It focuses on all frequently touched points and disinfecting all internal surfaces in the vehicles. You can generate some peace of mind in your staff and customers in these troubling times.

GRID Group’s commercial grade disinfection cleaning products are guaranteed to kill 99.9% bacteria and germs in the process. They are also food grade and hospital grade, making it completely safe for humans. It is a mobile service therefore our trained personnel can come to your commercial passenger fleet points.

All of our key staff have completed their Australian Government, Department of Health training in Infection Control Training – COVID 19. We believe that our new service is one way we can all play our part to minimise the spread of Covid-19. For any enquiries on disinfecting passenger fleets service please ring 0428 049 483.

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